IMG 0056Overview: The Center for Global Health and Diplomacy (GHD) provides a rare intersection where high-level political figures, health care workers and leaders in both the public and private sector can share and communicate their ideas. Global Health and Diplomacy wants to ensure that each of our global health stakeholders' vision becomes a reality. The GHD Center is an international hub for health and diplomacy; GHD can tap into a diversity of global health stakeholders through their work with different governments and civil society leaders. The Center for Global Health and Diplomacy reaches presidential offices in 55 countries through its online/ print publication and its international roundtable forums.

Purpose: Complementing the quarterly publication, the GHD roundtables provide global health and diplomatic leaders a neutral setting to discuss emerging global health and diplomacy issues and explore topics to cover in subsequent issues of GHD news. In addition, the roundtables provide an intimate setting and platform for strategic planning and new partnerships among the high-level participants. Unlike other roundtables, GHD roundtable are specifically designed and facilitated for decision-makers, focusing less on the details of specific issues and more on forging alliances and developing innovative partnerships in order to promote action rather than simply continue discussion. While there are many organizations that focus on policy analysis and research around major global health issues, there is a critical need for an organization that can convene high-level decision makers and leaders and turn ideas into action.

Why The Center for Global Health and Diplomacy? Because of its global presence and ability to host roundtables worldwide in a variety of locations, the Center is uniquely positioned to hold productive, high-level global health roundtables. By hosting them at major world events such as the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum or the World Health Assembly, the Center is able to “go where the leaders are” ensuring a rich and diverse mix of participation from a variety of fields related to global health. Similar roundtables such as those hosted by think tanks or advocacy organizations often take place only in major donor cities like Washington D.C. and often focus on issues important only to donor governments or developed country advocates. The GHD roundtables are designed to foster a wider discussion and promote action-oriented outcomes.

A Sample of Upcoming Forums till April 2013:

  • Switzerland: Geneva: Successful Public Private Partnerships in Technology and MCH
  • India: Health Systems and their impact on supply chains for MCH programs
  • Forums in New York, Washington DC, Bogota Colombia: Highlighting global health experts in maternal health in celebration of International Women’s Day
  • Abu Dhabi: Technical Forum on donor’s countries role in maintaining functioning health systems and how do we make these models sustainable
  • Switzerland, World Economic Forum Jan 2012: Issues of Accountability and Transparency in MCH, HIV and malaria programs
  • Saudi Arabia: Women’s Health and Women’s Rights the way forward in the Middle East
  • Peru: Women’s empowerment and the role of the extraction sector
  • Geneva: Post MDG reflections by heads of state-Apple Application released during roundtable forum on sustainable development solutions post MDG framework
  • Egypt: The Role of the Youth in Health and Diplomacy Initiatives around the world