Sustainable Investing in Emerging Markets Summit

Private capital, particularly in emerging markets, has a critical role to play in ensuring successful delivery of the SDGs, and financial and strategic investors around the world increasingly recognize the potential to generate attractive financial returns by driving social and economic change at scale and speed. The UN estimates that achieving the SDGs in emerging markets will require investment of US$3.9 trillion per year, leaving an estimated financing gap of US$2.5 trillion annually. As the global private investment community continues to grow and evolve, this investor summit will aim to define the financial and social implications of sustainable investing in emerging markets, with a focus on how to best pursue the SDGs and create value. Join EMPEA and our industry-leading speakers and panelists, who will draw on personal experience and business case studies to identify ongoing challenges and outline solutions.


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Our lessons on accountability and transparency can help to move us forward not only to accelerate progress on maternal, newborn, and child health, but also on the Millennium Development Goals. They will help us build a stronger, more effective partnership beyond 2015.

Since their launch in 2000, the global community has made important progress on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and improved the lives of many. Millions of girls and boys have had the opportunity to attend school, the burden of illness and diseases such as malaria and HIV/ AIDS has been eased through important global interventions, and fewer people now live in extreme poverty. While global progress has been uneven, and much remains to be done, we should not forget the achievements that we have made together.