Brokering Partnerships and Facilitating Relationships:  CGHD identifies natural synergies and brings stakeholders together to collaborate on global health initiatives, including by aligning different financing streams. Activities include: 
  • Leveraging our extensive network of partners in governments, the philanthropic community, multi-lateral organizations, development finance and the private sector.
  • Leading collaborative sessions and roundtables across the world to explore opportunities and forge public-private partnerships.
  • Facilitating arrangements and advancing deals between to support global health initiatives.
Advice and Guidance: CGHD actively provides strategic advice and policy guidance to governments, foundations, multi-lateral institutions and private sector partners on matters such as:
  • Outreach and engagement plans.
  • Situational analysis and sustainability planning.
  • Formulating policy papers to supporting priority-setting and/or policy design.
  • Assisting financial strategy design efforts.
  • High-level events to promote the organization’s activities and forge new partnerships.
Developing Strategic Socialization Plans to Build Financial Support: CGHD helps foundations, governments and other partners better understand and communicate their opportunities and guides the development of storylines and strategic socialization plans by:
  • Analyzing the 1, 3, 5 and 10 year objectives of the government, foundation or organization, from a financial and social perspective.
  • Undertaking detailed mapping exercises to pinpoint potential government donors, foundations and other private sector partners.
  • Building differentiated messaging plans to build the donor support / investment case for each targeted audience.
  • Testing messaging through deep socialization with CGHD networks to build momentum for support.
  • Developing materials designed to help mobilize financial resources in support of our partners’ global health initiatives.