The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the deep inequalities in access to healthcare that remain globally. Millions of people at the lower end of the socio-economic pyramid in emerging markets, and conflict and post-conflict regions, struggle to meet basic daily needs due to lack of access to primary and emergency care. This is particularly true for women, who frequently play roles as caregivers and economic contributors both in their own families and in their extended communities, and yet face disproportionate barriers to secure access. 

As policy makers and leaders mobilize new investments to strengthen and re-shape global health systems, addressing access to care, particularly for women, will be key to deepening global security and increasing socio-economic resilience. This Roundtable brings together prominent leaders from the armed forces, foreign policy experts, ministries of health and senior representatives from the private sector to discuss the impact the pandemic on health and security in emerging markets, as well as the linkages between strengthening health systems and regional stability.